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ndonesia is a country that has a lot of cultures, flora, fauna and exotic natural environment etc. So it is reasonable if this country called Indonesia Java International Destination. At this time the Indonesian government’s campaign to promote tourism with the slogan Indonesia Java International destination.

Why Java? Because, Java is one of island that has had international tourism standards. In terms of tourism are resources, infrastructure, and human resources for managing tourism. If you are a foreign tourist, you will not feel satisfied when you visiting Indonesia as your destination. In Java Island, a lot of places that could be used for travel, one spot for that is Yogyakarta.

I am very in love full with Yogyakarta 😉 . The Yogyakarta atmosphere is very reassuring of my heart. I was never satisfied to visit Malioboro. There is a handicraft center, the great place for hunting gift. There are many things that I could find souvenir for my family as a gift. There is very unique of market place. Why they are unique? Because the small traders could compete with many Super Markets that very closer with small traders.

Other sights of interest to me are Borobur Temple. Borobudur is the biggest temple in the world. Borobudur Temple is one of the cultural tourism that is located not far from the city center. It took two hours by car to reach it. Borobudur Temple is one of the cultural heritages of Hinduism. Many of the old statues you can see there. The statue has very expensive cultural value, because the statue was hundreds years old. Natural atmosphere around the Borobudur temple is very fresh; there is no air pollution there. So, you must try to breathe in there

If you like the atmosphere of the beach, you can visit the Parang tritis Beaches and Depok beach. There is a major difference between that. If you like to eat seafood, so Depok Beach the perfect place to eat seafood. There is a direct merchant sells marine fish and can be ordered for cooking sea food. I think that is most delicious taste of fresh seafood accompanied by a coconut water drink. Yummy 😉

However, if you like the water game tour, the Parang teritis beach is the perfect place to play water sports. But must be care with the high waves. You should be aware of the threshold line the beach.

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Indonesia Java International Destination
Indonesia International Destination


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